Apr. 19th, 2017

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I have a very dingy living room. It faces north, with a big bay window. There's a fireplace that we've never used to the west (it needs a chimney sweep) and to the south is the wall to Jerome's room.

The floor used to have wall-to-wall carpeting, and now it's painted wood flooring with an unbound remnant over it. We have a cheap white-ish leather couch and a decrepit recliner.

On the plus side, it has lovely oak arts and crafts wood work and stained glass windows on either side of the fireplace.

East wall - couch is temporarily in front of fireplace.

north bay window

West wall.

Window detail

I need storage ideas, and a color palette. The pic of the window doesn't do the stained glass justice; it's emerald green, ruby red, and golden. I've been thinking of going with some type of honey color for the walls. I want to buy an inexpensive couch (the kids) and I dunno what to do for carpeting, but it's gotta be tough too.

I've been thinking of doing one of those cool in-the-stairs storage things, and putting in some shelving on the wall we've got to make for Jerome's room (right now there's just an entertainment center separating the two rooms.)
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I think I've had a UTI for the last 2-4 weeks. No real symptoms other than night sweats, urgency. But I just chalked it up to being post menopausal and being on a really stressful schedule. This weekend I began having painful urination with a poor stream (dribbles, really) and put it all together. I'm now on Macrobid (nitrofurantoin) - which usually exhausts me. The fact that I feel so much better with *more energy* emphasizes to myself how sick I was.

When people say that infection response decreases with age, they mean it. Very weird experience.


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