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9 am -- Social Psychology; The professor is demanding that we all buy the latest edition of the text, so I asked the class if there was someone who wanted to "rent" their books to me, and I have a new study-mate, David. I have a feeling that this is going to develop into a comfortable friendship.

10 am -- Intro to Research Methods; Looks like I'm gonna be a research assistant. How could I pass it up? Too cool. My professor is a small, laid back fellow from Japan, Dr. Takahiro Yamaguchi.

3 pm -- Individual Differences and the Development of Personality; This is going to be a rather intense, fascinating course.


I work from 5p - midnight at the center, tonight. Yesterday, one of the counselors told me that it didn't feel like I was a new hire, "It's more like you've been away, and you came back." The feeling is very mutual. I love this job.

At the other job, my elderly client was presenting symptoms of norovirus when I left on Sunday. I haven't heard anything, so I'd guess that he's doing as well as expected. I go in there tomorrow 3p-10p, so I'll find out then. My whole house was sick with it last week, but two of the other aides had been sick with it, too. And I called and told my supervisor that my family was sick, and she told me to come on in. But there's a good chance that I'm the one who carried the virus to him. Poor fella.


Since Carl moved into his girlfriend's home last summer, my relationship with Sam has been blossoming. He is really pumped for Comicon. We were talking costuming last night, and he decided on reprising Old Greg. I shall be putting up a wish list for accrutments.

He's really serious about making gaming a carreer. There's a geek-heaven college down in Florida that looks like heaven, Full Sail. He still wants to get his private pilot's license, too.

I haven't decided if this is the best way to go. If the world was going to keep chugging along as it is, I'd say, yeah, go for it. But I don't think we have much "chug" left. Still, having someone who can program might not be a bad idea. And he'll have back-up skills.


The first draft of the collaboration is almost done! I think it'll finish up somewhere between novellette and novella in length. I have absolutely no idea if it's any good. We're gonna give it another spit and polish, and then throw it at the writing group and see what they think. Which reminds me, I'm behind on my crits.
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I usually feel awkward, the first day on a new job. It's like I don't know where to put my hands, I don't know where to stand or sit. It takes a while to find the hole in space that I'm supposed to occupy.

But it wasn't like that. I felt like I'd been there for a while, like it was where I was supposed to be. And then, right before I left, in walks Ben, my study parner from physiology! I love Ben!

The household ick has subsided. Mike has gone back toward Lansing (via a weekend drill at Grayling.) I'm heading into a double shift: 9a-3p at my little old people's house, and 5p-midnight at the center. Christmas break is over, and we're all settling back down into routine.


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