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based on this Tumblr: Canton Everett Delaware III, father of Phil Coulson.

Author: LJG
Character/Pairing: Coulson, Carol Danvers (Ms. Marvel)
Genre: character vignette
Rating: PG - some bad language

Carol Danvers woke up still a little drunk and nauseous, and wiped a line of half dried drool off the side of her cheek. She was lying on a couch with the sound of the city far below. A television was on: Will you do it for two Scooby Snacks? There was the scent of a child and milk and Cap’n Crunch.

With a groan, she pointed a finger at the TV and turned it off.

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based on this Tumblr: Canton Everett Delaware III, father of Phil Coulson.

Author: LJG
Character/Pairing: Ten, Coulson
Genre: character vignette
Rating: PG - some violence and bad language

The first time the Doctor met Phil Coulson was on a sunny Saturday in May, 1973 in Central Park, New York City, when the daffodils where in bloom. He had just left Lady Christina de Souza flying across the sky of London, and now he was lying on a grassy hill, propped on his elbows with his face tipped to the sun.

He chuckled, picturing the look on Christina’s face when he’d whacked old Æthelstan’s fancy drinking mug across the steering wheel of the bus, fusing the contacts.

Not very far away, just down the hill, children were playing. Or, he had assumed they were playing but it looked like a fight had broken out, and a rather one-sided fight, at that. Two larger boys were holding a smaller boy and another boy was taunting him.

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Clive Thompson on the Importance of Fan Fiction

By Clive Thompson
Email Author
May 8, 2012 |
6:30 am |
Categories: Books and Comics, internet, movies, sci-fi

So, you know Gravitation, the manga about musician Shuichi Shindou and his band, Bad Luck, and how he’s trying to become Japan’s next musical sensation while winning the heart of Yuki?

Yeah, I hadn’t heard of it either. But a lot of young people have, and they’re deeply, deeply into it. Indeed, they’re so swept up that they’re writing their own stories set in the Gravitation universe. If you go to FanFiction.net — a popular archive of fan-authored stories — Gravitation is one of the bigger categories, with 5,810 stories, clocking in at about 5 million words.

(Go to the Wired article)
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Sam the Storyteller just wrote an Avenger's fic, Homefront. Pretty damn good.
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Okay, here's the deal:

I'm looking for people who are interested in being part of a group project. I've mentioned this before, but I really want to get serious with it. At the same time, I want to give it time to come together; I'm not interested in a rush job.

We're going to write an EPIC DOCTOR WHO FIC. I'm looking for ten to twenty writers who can commit to one 4000-6000 chapter.

The fic will be based on A Partial Map of Your TARDIS (Subject to Change), created by alibi_factory.

This fic will be a romp through the TARDIS. Up for grabs is not only the map, but anyone who ever was/is/will walk through the doors of the TARDIS. Any Doctor, any companion, any visiting villain. Cannon will include not only the series, but the 8th Doctor movie, the Big Finish audios and the books.

Okay -- now here's where it gets really fun:

I want to present this as a hyper-linked work. You can link your work to music or other sound clips, to art, to other stories -- whatever works. Be experimental and fun with it.

Then we're gonna give it it's own LJ/DW page.

So who's with me? Come on! Dooooo iiiiiit! When we have a core group, we'll brainstorm on the over-arching story line, sketch out what we need to accomplish for our chapters and then start putting it all together.

Finally -- PIMP THIS OUT TO EVERY FICCER YOU KNOW. Please! Help me get the word out.
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For some reason, I am thinking of fanfic. No, like, really thinking about it. What is it about fanfic that makes it so compelling to, specifically, so many women? Many readers of fanfic, if not most, choose fanfic over published fic -- and not from just one franchise, but all different kinds of fanfic, from Harry Potter to Gunsmoke to Vorkosigan. And the majority of both writers and readers are women.

Are there men fanfic writers who just don't post it? Do men not write for the fun of it? Do men feel less inclined to play with somebody else's toys? Are men more sensitive to being labeled non-creative?

And why are fanfic writers pitied and scorned, where the writers of published fanfic, like the numerous Star Wars, X-Files, and Dragonlance books are accepted as ligit? What is Songs of the Dying Earth, if not fanfic? Really good fanfic, but still.

And if most women choose reading fanfic over published fic, what does this say about published fic?
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There's an article on Fantasy Magazine about fanfic. Here was my reply:

Hello. My name is LJG, and I write fanfic.

I’ve guess I’ve been doing fic for thirty years now. My gateway fic was Star Trek, the original series. My friends and I would sit around the library pit at Graveraet Middle school and grow our own, passing it around with giggles, sighs and moans of despair. If they were really good, we’d act them out. I was always Kirk.

When I got married, I kicked it for a while. Kids’ll do that to you sometimes. But we got our first home computer in 1993 and I started diddling with usenet. Around that time, I wrote a Quantum Leap novel and stuck it in a drawer.

A few years later, and I was heavy into LiveJournal. Oh, I go for Facebook and MySpace, to to be with the in crowd, but LiveJournal is where I spend most of my time. One day, someone on my flist posted a link to a YouTube vid.

It was a pirated scene from the new Doctor Who. I really dug it, I mean *really.* Kind of lost myself for a while in a frantic search for every bit of video I could find. Started dreaming about the Doctor and talking to him in my head. Became a shipper. Yeah. I’m telling you, it happens.

Then, one fateful day, someone rec’d a really good Doctor Who fanfic.


The word reverberated in my head. I was reading the google hits before I knew it and, still in a daze of remembered joy and passion, hope, excitement and realistic expectation of some dig-my-eyes-out-with-a-spoon badness, there I was at Teaspoon.

I probably do about one or two hours of heavy fanfic reading every day. And, of course, there’s the writing. My escasy and agony.

I knew I’d gone over the edge when I’d started rec’ing fic to my kids. I’m sick I tell you.

But my husband and I are still together. He’s a good guy, listens to my snippets without rolling his eyes too much. Even does the Doctor when I batt my lashes at him (but lets not go there.)

Yeah, I suppose I should get a life. You know, instead of a fantastic life.
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[livejournal.com profile] ever_was got a great write up at the DW fic rec site, [livejournal.com profile] quite_right_too.

This means that I'll have to start writing episodes again!

[personal profile] ever_was

Oct. 28th, 2008 08:07 pm
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The vid and the first five episodes are up, and to some very nice reviews! *sigh* I love this stuff.

It makes me happy and it makes me a better writer. FTW.


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