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-- why would I work on a mosaic for a house that I'm leaving in 2 years? Mostly what we're thinking about for this house is getting it in good enough shape to sell it.

Yeah. So, change of plans. The mosaic is for Lilac House1, the house I'm going to build in a couple years. I will re-imagine the project, and place the mosaic either in my kitchen or conservatory. Hmm, the conservatory, I think.

Which makes me wonder -- should I have a conservatory, and where would I place the sunroom on a house that'll be transitioning from Zone 4 to zone 7 or 8 within the lifetime of the house, which I'm hoping is at least 100 yrs. Also, the weather'll be extreme and chaotic. Glass will be an issue; maybe have shutters? Maybe not have a conservatory? I'm very open to opinions.

In the mean time, I will buy heavy totes and store the finished pieces in totes. God, they're gonna weigh a ton. Luke and I are going to go buy some tiles tonight, and I'm going to print out the cat and sketch a pattern over the next week.

1) Lilac House will be a post and beam stackwood house with a sod roof growing lilacs and other flowers and herbs.

Something like this, but with another story on top, and made with stackwood instead of logs.

This is stackwood, also called cordwood masonry construction
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I want to order the tile for my first cat mosaic. I am going to start with this one:

-- but make him our big orange guy, Dexter. And I'll have him laying in some flowers, like this,

but with some birdsfoot trefoil in the background. This section is going to be at the foot of the stairs, and there's a corner there that I have to work with.

The cool thing about this project is that it's not very expensive. It's more of a time thing, and I can do it for bits of time, here and there.

I can buy tile by the piece at Home Depot. I need to draw a pattern! I am not a drawing kind of person. :P Maybe if I print out the picture and kindof trace it... I also have to get some tile nippers.

I think I'll just tape the mosaic onto a heavy piece of cardboard with some double-sided tape, and when I have a 4' x'4' section done, or four 2x2 sections done, I'll lay down a piece of cement board over the old wood flooring* and cement the mosaic in and grout it. I think the whole project will take six 4x4 sections.

Luke is going to take a picture of Dexter and go out with me to pick out some colors. He's intrigued by the project.

* -- I may pay someone to do this, and I should probably wait until I have all the sections done and lay it all at one time.
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Ok, this is just a ... idle idea. I guess. I mean, I'd love to do it, but I don't know if I will. *shrug*

So, I'd like to make a floor mosaic. I've been wanting to do something like this for a while. I've been thinking about putting a mosaic down on the entrance way of the house here in Lansing. So I'm just going to write about it a little here; it may never happen.

The area is the entrance way and hall, an L-shaped space where the bottom of the L goes along the front door and the stairs to the second floor, and the long part of the L edges the living room and leads to the dining room. I would guess that from the door to the dining room is about fifteen feet, and it's about four feet wide.

The theme is cats and gardens. I want to include all of the cats, even Morgan, whom we lost a few years ago.

(A side note: Last week I was sure that our old fellow, Buddy, had crawled off somewhere and died. We got him when he started living under our trailer, back in 2011, and he was old then. When we moved to the house in '12, we figured he might last the winter. Anyway, I hadn't seen him in a few days, and when I went to pick up Luke from his friend's house, I talked to him about how Buddy was probably gone. We were driving up to the house, and I said, "He was so old; he had a good life with us." And as I pulled into the driveway, the headlights caught the figure of a cat. "Look!" Luke pointed, "It's Buddy!"

I sighed. "Yep."

Luke laughed. "Don't be so disappointed!")

So, we have ten cats that live inside and another three or four that come up to the porch to eat. In the house there's Buddy, the color of oranges and creme; Lulu, petite and grey, with a striped tail; Lulu's kittens, Bandit, a brown taby, Miss Pickles, a grey tabby tuxedo, and Patrick and Louie, both dove grey tuxedos; Annie, a brown tabby tuxedo; Dexter, a Garfield; Morgan, orange tabby with a white chest, not as big as Dexter; Steve, a long, thin orange tabby; Portia (who used to live on the porch); a muted calico; and finally Squiggy, mostly borwn with some rusty tabby markings. Outside, there's Lenny, a lean, muscular brown tabby; Persephone, a less-muted calico, maybe Portia's sister; and Ichabod, another grey tuxedo, and maybe Patrick and Louie's half-feral half-brother. There was a small feral black tuxudo we called Mouse because he was so skittish, but I haven't seen him since spring. And Persephone may have had kittens.

All of the inside cats are fixed.

I think each cat will be about the size of a hand or two, and look something like this: Read more... )


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