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I have passed the NCLEX-PN.

I can now work as an LPN in the state of Michigan. The folks that run the NCLEX test let you pay an additional $8 for unofficial results. I wasn't going to do it, but I have to say it's probably the best $8 I've ever spent. I should get my license number sometime next week.

My knee is slowly getting better. I'll be starting physical therapy next week. I should be in a new job by the end of the month.

I don't know if I can express how much this means to me. Accomplishment, financial security, being able to move forward -- it's rather amazing. When I got my BS, I felt validated. With this, I feel euphoric.

The nursing program has said that I will likely be able to continue on in September, and if not then, I will likely get a spot next May. Either way, I know that it'll come.

If you're a person who's planning on attending 2017 FOGcon or Wiscon, please come look me up. And Wiscon-folk, I'm looking for roomies.
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These are some trips I'm planning in the next year. If I'm going to be near you, I'd love to have coffee or such!

Sept 25-27: Marquette, Michigan. I'm moving my sister down to come live with me. She's in Gwinn, Michigan. I'll be traveling from Lansing, Michigan along US-127 to I-75, across the Mackinaw Bridge, along US-2 and up M-77 to M-28. I'm leaving Friday afternoon, 3pm-ish and arriving at 0'dark-thirty; coming back Sunday afternoon.

Oct 17-18; Charlevoix, Michigan. The Third Annual October Birthday Bash! Wooot! (Two new grandbabies are due in September. Currently among my immediate family, we have birthdays -- Jan/4, Feb/1, March/4, April/0, May/1, June/1, July/1, Aug/1, Sep/1, Oct/7, Nov/0, Dec/4.) Route is I-96 to US-131.

Late December: Negaunee, Michigan. Just a holiday visit to the family, same route through lower Michigan to the UP.

March 11-13, 2016; FOGcon 6, Walnut Creek, California. This is a wish more than a for-sure thing. I'll be in the midst of nursing school, and it'll be expensive, maybe $1500? for plane tickets and hotel and meals and all.... but man I want to go.

May 27-30, 2016; Wiscon, Madison Wisconsin. Definitely going. I'll drive, taking I-94 to Chicago, and then I'll probably take the scenic route that [personal profile] kaffyr and I took, back in... 2012? Anyway, it was lovely. If you live near the route, feel free to ask me for a ride!

If everything goes well, and I'm expecting it to go middling-well, in March or April we'll be buying that piece of property that I have my eye on. Most likely we'll take a camping trip up in early to mid summer to scope out where we want to put the first cabin. Come camp with us! I would love that.

In May of 2016 I'll be eligible to take my NCLEX-PN and get my license to practice as an LPN. December of 2016 I'll get my ADN and when I pass my NCLEX-RN, I'll be looking for my first job as an RN. Then things might get interesting.


Jan. 8th, 2012 09:41 pm
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I'm kinda fantasizing about going to FOGCon.

Airfair: $550
hotel: $150/night for 3 nights; roommates might be possible
drive there: ~ $500 (but I could sleep in my car)(but it'd take an extra 4-5 days vs flying)
registration: $75
food: $10/day

So, if I drove, it'd cost me about $650 (If I don't get a room and sleep in my car). If I flew, it'd be between $750 - $1050, depending on if I could find roommates. I might be able to find rideshares if I drive. It'll be a heck of a lot easier getting 4 days off then 10 days off, plus there's missing 4 days vs. missing 10 days. Hmm.

If I get work by the end of January (I'll get something by then,) I might be able to save $400.



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