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I start the second half of nursing school in seven days. I'll be working at the jail clinic on Sat, Sun, and Mon, and going to class and clincals Tues-Fri. It'll be a trip.

This week's menues:

Today (Tues) -- Polish Sausage fried with potatoes, onions, and cabbage.

Wednesday -- Homemade chicken and dumplings with apple pie

Thursday -- Indian chickpeas with soslu, quinoa, and naan

Friday -- Beans and ham hocks with cornbread

Saturday -- Breakfast for supper

Sunday -- one-dish rice, hamburger, and veggies

Monday -- crock pot pork roast with potatoes and veggies
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In no particular order:

Sweet potato and black bean empaƱadas -- to me, these are just pasties with odd (but tasty!) things in them.

Beef Stew

Easy Jambalaya

Breakfast for dinner


Pork pie (that's two savory pies but that's ok because pie is delicious)

Ok -- that's enough for now.
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Tonight (Fri): leftover spaghetti, salad

Saturday: Out for Chinese with friends

Sunday: Kielbasa stir-fry (potatoes, sweet peppers, onion, cabbage)

Monday: Pork Roast, mashed potatoes, steamed veggies

Tuesday: Lasagna

Wednesday: Sweet Potato and Black Bean Chili

Thursday: Twice cooked pork, cheater's recipe using the leftover pork roast
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this week's menus:

Mon: chicken tacos

Tues: shepherd's pie

Wed: cheesy ham and potato casserole, sauteed cabbage

Thurs: dinner out

Fri: beef stew in the crock pot, biscuits

Sat: breakfast for dinner; pancakes, eggs, bacon, fresh oranges

Sun: spare ribs, baked potatoes, broccoli mix veggies, sliced apples
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(so we don't live on frozen pizza)

Mon: (busy day; kid's doc appt, lab 3:00-5:30, fin. aid appt 5:30) crock pot chicken stew, refrigerator biscuits (the kind in the tube).

Tue: (still busy, two more appts, and lab from 3:30-6:30) Spaghetti, garlic bread

Wed: (my lightest day; lecture from 12p-3p) calico beans and pork shoulder roast, and a very nice acorn squash from the garden, cornbread and a salad of garden kale chopped fine with dried cranberries.

Thurs: (clinical, 2pm-8:30) tacos (Mike makes supper on the days I have clinicals)

Friday: (clinical, 2pm-8:30) one-pot -- sauteed cabbage with pork, mushrooms and rice.

Saturday: (work 9a-5p) lentil stew with german rye

Sunday: (church 9-10:30; work 11:30-5:30) veg. soup (rework any leftover lentil stew) with hearty sandwiches (rueben, pulled pork if there's any left, maybe hamburgers), potato wedges.

I'm going to make a dark bread with stout, coffee and a bit of cocoa. Grains will be some long-cooking oats seeped overnight in the beer, rye and white bread flour. I'll let you know how it comes out.


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