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I'm working too much this week -- 44 hrs of paid work, plus 14 hrs of clinicals and 10 hrs of in-class time. The only night I'm going to be home is Saturday, so I'm going to leave Mike a list of suggestions, and perhaps he'll make supper or perhaps they'll just have pizza. *shrug*

Sunday and Monday were both pizza.

Tues: Kielbasa and potatoes, fried with sweet peppers and onion

Wed: One skillet meal - herbed rice, mushrooms, hamburger with steamed mixed veggies on the side

Thurs:Chicken and noodles

Friday: Mexican lasagna

Saturday: Pot roast

I'll probably prep everything, and then if he decides to make it, there it is. Except for the pot roast; that's mine.
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The way money is going, I'm now doing the main grocery shopping bimonthly instead of once a week, so here's the coming week's menus: )
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Mike has two menu requests for this week -- sweet and spicy beans, and the rice/kale casserole. Luke wants Really Simple Goulash. For the rest of the week, I have skinless chicken breasts, hamburger and odds and ends. Hmm. I have a lot of potatoes.... I have a lot of brown rice.... Ooh, I have a big bag of frozen veggies (carrots, broccoli and cauliflower.) So,

Friday: rice/kale/mushroom casserole -- like it says, kale cut into strips and sauteed in olive oil, sauteed sliced mushrooms, and pork medallions, spiced with garlic, salt and pepper, maybe some Worcester sauce, mixed with steamed brown and wild rice. Yum!

Saturday: Chicken Primavera -- made with frozen veggies, but still yummy and very easy

Sunday: Shepard's Pie -- probably just hamburger, onion soup mix, and frozen mixed corn/peas/gr.beans, topped with mashed potatoes.

Monday: Sweet and Spicy beans -- four kinds of beans, onions, sweet pepper, cajun spice and brown sugar, and chunks of sweet potatoes.

Tues: Pasties -- the real Yooper thing. With rutabagas from the garden.

Wed: Really Simple Goulash (noodles, hamburger and tomato soup) -- Luke's favorite meal.

Thurs: Simple General Tso's Chicken (with sauteed instead of deep fried chicken, that is)

I think I have everything I need except some pork medallions for the rice/kale casserole and the sweet potatoes for the Sweet and Spicy Beans, oh, and I need fresh ginger and garlic -- under $20 or so, I think.
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a week of menus:

today, Monday: frozen pizza (sigh)

Tuesday: Slow cooker Thai Chicken (Betty Crocker)

Wednesday: Pork Chops, scalloped potatoes, steamed veggies

Thursday: Meatball stroganoff, broccoli salad, melon

Friday: boys at their mom's, Mike at work, Luke at his friend Aaron's house -- I might go to a fish fry!

Saturday: tacos, fresh sliced plums

Sunday: Crockpot chicken and noodles with carrots

Shopping list:
a lime
fresh ginger root
4 oz bag of peanuts
Gruyere and cheddar
fresh broccoli
small can pineapple tidbits
small bag sunflower seeds
sour cream
dumpling noodles
brown gravy packet
fresh plums
2 cans cream of chicken soup
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It's menu time again! I've spent the last three days doing some overnights with my client while his mom has been out of town with other family, and this week is going to be really busy with more work, school and other projects, so I need to get the meals organized.

I've been looking around online to find some new recipes, stuff that looks yummy to me and that the kids might eat. We'll see how that goes!

Thursday: sweet and sour pork roast, fried rice with mixed vegetables

Friday: Fiesta Biscuit Cassarole

Saturday: fried polish sausage with cabbage, sweet peppers, onion and potatoes

Sunday: baked chicken, mashed potatoes with gravy, broccoli salad

Monday: cheese tortellini in the crock pot, garlic bread

Tuesday: beef stroganoff in the crock pot

Wednesday: red lentil and sweet potato stew

For most of these, I'll prepare them in the evening before bed -- like, for the Saturday meal, I'll have everything chopped so all I have to do is come home and fry it up. Today, I'll have Jerome put the roast in and I've got the rice already made.
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I'm craving greens, so:

Sunday: A salad of spinach, baby kale, romaine and purple cabbage with strips spicey chicken breast and a lemon/yogurt/avacodo dressing. Fresh bread.

Monday: Stirfry

Tuesday: Cabbage rolls

Wednesday: Lasagna with garlic bread

Thursday: Roast in the crock pot

Friday: Tacos, Spanich rice

Saturday: Homemade Pot Pie from the leftover roast
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We have our holiday dinner on Christmas eve, and then a special Christmas morning brunch. The dinner on Christmas day is very laid back, munching on leftovers and such.

The 2014 Christmas Smörgåsbord

Swedish Meatballs
2 small Savory Rice Rings, one with broccoli in the center, and one with buttered rutabaga
Little Smokies wrapped in crescent roll
Roasted Brussels sprouts
Sweet Potatoes
Apple Salad
Strawberry Pineapple Jello
Fresh bread
Spice Cake for dessert

What are some of your traditional holiday foods?


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