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First, to get it out of the way, I did *really* crappy on my first test of the semester. I've mentioned a couple of times that I must get 81% overall in the exams to pass the course. This semester is split into two courses, and I must pass the first one to move on to the second one. A person can only fail one class; a second failure and you will not be continuing on.

So far, I haven't failed a class. I did have to drop out for a semester when I injured my knee, but that doesn't count. There are four exams, with the first three being worth 50 points each, and the fourth cumulative exam worth 75 points. I must average 81% across all four exams to pass this course.

On the first test, I scored a 70%. I've never done so poorly. It still possible for me to pass, but it'll be tough.

I really don't want to do this, Sam-I-Am. I do not like it here or there. I do not like it anywhere.


Mike asked what he could do to help me pass. I said that I might be able to pass if I moved out and only worked on this from now until December -- no kids, no housework, no Chris, no job. Which isn't possible.

The next test is next Monday, and I have a 12 hour clinical on Friday, and then work 12 hour days on Saturday and Sunday. On the other hand, I have today and Thursday off. On the other hand, laundry needs doing and I have Chris to watch.

The main problem is that I'm having a really hard time concentrating on *anything*.

I just don't know if I can do this. Worse, I really don't want to. But I figure I might as well continue on and see how far forward I can get. If I fail this class, I'll reenter in January and see if I can graduate. I'm very willful.
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I really hate tests.

I've got one week of this semester of nursing school remaining. Remaining is one paper (half way done, due on Thursday, piece of cake), one quiz and two exams -- the section exam on Monday and the comprehensive final on Thursday.

To pass the course, I need to pass clinicals (I have; I am awesome at clinicals), have a greater than 81% average on my exams (currently 80.72%) and have a greater than 81% overall (currently 87%). My main concern is that it is quite possible that I could snatch defeat from the jaws of victory by tanking on the exams. I don't think that this will happen, but that is my fear.

Bleh. Stay on target.

Today I have to run the kids to school and run Jerome to the library and then to DHS, lecture from 10a-2p (we get breaks), pick up Mike from work (his car broke down two weeks ago) and an IEP meeting at the school for Trentyn at 2:30. Then home, supper, and off to finish my paper.

One more week.


Mar. 1st, 2017 10:07 am
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I passed my test with a 92.42%, which gives me a likely 86.56% in the course. I got a 3.5. Huh.


Feb. 15th, 2017 08:13 pm
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And with enough of a margin that I'm now passing the exam part of the course, but just barely. I've got a cumulative 81.15%; 81% is passing.

One more exam. I just have to pass it.
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All went well, and overall life is good. Today in class, we had to do one of those getting-to-know-you thingys, and where it asked what my long-term goal was, I wrote: Save the world and make a living too.

Really, that's what it boils down to.

I think that the first half of the semester will be fine, and I think that the second half of the semester will be stressful -- because now we're doing Mental Health and that's my shtick, and next is pediatrics, where I have to memorize a bunch of stuff (vital signs for each age group, and the dreaded lab result ranges) and memorization is difficult with this swiss cheese brain of mine. We shall see; I'm very willful.

Schedule-wise, I'll be working at the jail clinic on Saturday, Sunday, and Mondays, and going to class on Tuesday and Wednesdays from 0900 to 1200, with odd simulation labs and Leadership Seminars on Thursdays, and a twelve hour clinical at the psych ward on Fridays.

I'm going to be spending Tues, Wed, and Thur at my grandson's school, from 1300-1600, helping in class and helping out after school with a homework club and maybe teaching some flute.

Anyway, so far, so good.


Jun. 17th, 2016 09:20 am
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I usually deal with anxiety by doing something physical. Especially gardening. But the damn knee injury is keeping me from doing much of anything physical. It has now been three business days since I took the test; I'm assuming that's 24 business hours. I should have an unofficial test result by next Wednesday. It feels like my whole brain is nothing but white noise anxiety. Bleh.

I'll be getting my physical therapy set up today; not sure when that will start.

I'm *so* grumpy! Maybe I can go sit and weed a little....


Jun. 15th, 2016 08:12 pm
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So I read on the website that I could get non-official results for my NCLEX test in 48 hours. It has now been 48 hours, and when I plugged in my name, there was no results. Cue hyperventilation.

I went back and googled how long it would take to get the results, and it's 48 business hours.


In other news, my knee hurts like a bitch and now I've got some nerve pain going on from a probable compressed femoral nerve. Damnit. I need to find some time to just sit and write for a while. It helps.


Jun. 7th, 2016 10:47 am
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I feel horribly guilty that I am vastly relieved to be out of nursing school. I know that if I was given a choice, I would choose to be in nursing school. I know that when I heal, I will choose to go back.

But in the meantime, OMG, no skills test this week. No CIP this weekend. No test next week. No stressing on how I'm going to pay for this semester. In fact, I'll have some time to save up for when I restart. I am so fucking relieved.

Ack! Cognitive dissonance!

BTW, got crutches yesterday and MRI is scheduled for late tomorrow evening. Norco is my friend.
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Today I passed the first level of nursing school. I did it with the help and support of a large group of friends and family. I did it at the age of 55 with much less memory function than I am used to having, while working 40 hrs a week, and raising our second batch of preschoolers. While my 27-year relationship fell apart around me.

I did it because I'm willful, resilient, and clever. And I did it because I had all of you who have helped both emotionally and financially to support me in this year.

Damn the torpedoes!

The next step is to take the LPNclex; our instructors have informed us that the program has a 100% passing rate for the LPN test, and I will certainly not be the first one to fail it. It is a pass/fail test, and I will be taking it in about six weeks.
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In about an hour, I have my first exam in this unit. I've got two classes, labor and delivery, and long term care. So, the alpha and omega. This exam is for labor and delivery. Classes end in 4 weeks, and as long as I pass, and I expect to pass, I'll get my LPN certificate, take my boards and *boom* I'm a nurse.

Everything is going very well, btw. So far I'm sitting somewhere mid 90s in both class, but there haven't been a lot of points yet. This exam will be telling.

I need to get my schedule more in hand. I'm working too much and the combination of that and being sad too much is wearing me down. I'm so tired.

Mike took the little boys and Luke up north for Easter. They all went to Burger King for dinner and ... I will not judge (of course I *am* but I will keep my mouth shut and try to feel some compersion for their happiness at being all together.)

Sam and Kayla are down here, and Michael and Mel came down and are staying with Sam and Kayla. And tonight I don't work! So we'll have dinner together and I'll be able to visit with my granddaughters. That'll be heart-easing.

Edit: 88% 90% - That will do.
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85.93% -- which is wonderful. (that paper about diabetes and exercise vs. meds? Got a 100%) Still, a bit aggravating to be so close to a 3.5, and yet so far away. *sigh* Next is maternity and labor, and long term care -- which goes until the last week of April, and then I'll be eligible to take the LPNCLEX, and if I pass that, I'll be an LPN.

Over the summer, I'll have pediatrics and mental health rotations, and in the fall, I'll have medical-surgical. And then I'll be an RN.

I was just offered an LPN position with the home care company that I've picked up for evening hours. I really like them, and if we can swing it, if the hours work out, I'm going to take them up on it.
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After the test today, and with 75% of the grade in, I'm now sitting with an 87.25% -- so as long as I continue to do at least as well as I'm doing, I'll get a 3.5 GPA for this semester. Now, I'm not saying that I wouldn't love to four-point, but considering that I'm working around 35-40 hrs/wk, I'm feeling pretty pleased.

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But I'm tired like whoa.

I'm working too much. Again. I dunno, it keeps me away from home and I'm too tired to brood. Today we had a test in my Acute Care class. I did alright, and with 48% of the grade in, I have an 86.86%. I'll take it.

w00+ !!

Jan. 25th, 2016 03:09 pm
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With one quarter of the grade in, I have 89.89% in my acute nursing class. I'm very pleased. Especially considering the week I just had; I think I put in 42 hrs.

Tomorrow I've got a skills test on tracheotomy and ostomy -- not too hard but I always get nervous testing out on the sterile field stuff.

A part of me can't believe that I'm actually accomplishing this. A part of me is irritated that I didn't do this 20 years ago. But I've liked my life. The last couple of years have sucked donkey dick, but overall I've been pre' damn happy.

I'm starting the believe that the next twenty might be damn good, too.


Dec. 9th, 2015 07:52 pm
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hey guys

Dec. 2nd, 2015 03:57 pm
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I got a 92% on my test. I am now passing and as long as I don't completely bomb the comprehensive final, it looks like I'm gonna be a nurse.

Guess I'll need that tshirt after all.
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A few of my project grades have come in. At this point and with two more tests (Dec 2 and Dec 9), I have an 84.5%. This doesn't mean that I've passed; I've got a 79.6% on my lecture grade, and I need an 81%. For you numbers people, the lecture grade is a little over 68% of the overall grade. The clinical grade is pass/fail and is weighted as 1 point out of 589.

But it heartens me to know that if I do pass, I'll do so with, at minimum, an 85%.

I don't know if I can express how stressed out I am. I'm trying to keep level, meditate and just calmly go over the material, a little bit each day. When I am Queen of the World, nursing will be all hands-on apprenticeships.


Sep. 27th, 2015 07:00 pm
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I have a Physical Assessment exam tomorrow at 10am, and if I don't get over 80%, I'll be on probation but have another chance at taking it. I have my fourth med term exam on Friday, and if I don't get at least an 80%, I think I get kicked out (I've always done very well on the med term, so I just haven't been bothered by the "or else",) I have a skills lab on Tuesday that is pass/fail and if I fail, I go on probation.... every week, every damn week is like this.

I've been working too much, which is adding to my stress. It's just, hrm, I'm very clever and I've always relied on being very clever but now I'm *old* and my brain is slower than it was. Bleh. Right now it is after 7pm my time, and my brain is officially off for the day. That's it, no more brains left. Tomorrow morning I will have great brains, so I will study then and I'm sure, well, fairly sure, that I will do well. I know the stuff, if I can just remember the pulse, respiration and temperature numbers.

This coming Friday, we start our four weeks of clinicals at the nursing home, and then there's 6 weeks at the hospital and BOOM, semester is done and Merry Christmas.

I'm off to walk the dog and then I'll play solitaire for half an hour and then put the kids to bed.

Edit: Got an 86%. Next up is tomorrow's skill evaluation (positioning and passing meds,) a training at the hospital on Wed and nursing home clinicals on Thursday and Friday. Wee!
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I have passed my med math test with a 95%. My professor wrote: "Congratulations on successfully passing the math portion of Nursing 150. I am so glad you will be continuing in the program :)"

I admit to shouting HA! in the computer lab.
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A huge part of the nursing program is the medical math, or dosage calculation test. A passing grade is 90%, and I've passed this test several times -- it needs to be passed to get a passing grade in pharmacology and I've taken it several times in the last year as practice tests.

It also needs to be passed each semester of nursing school. Students have three chances, and so far, I have used up two, scoring an 85% both times. I have one more chance, and if I blow it, I'll wash out of the program.

Of course, I have an expectation that I won't blow it. I'll take practice tests every day, and I'll do fine.

If you're curious, here's one of the harder problems. I got one like this one wrong in my last test: (gtt means "drops")

The nurse mixes 50 mg of Nipride in 250 ml of D5W and plans to administer the solution at a rate of 5 mcg/kg/min to a client weighing 182 pounds. Using a drip factor of 60 gtt/ml, how many drops per minute should the client receive?

1st, convert pounds to kilograms; 182/2.2=82.73K
2nd, determine the dosage for this client; 5*82.73=413.65mcg/min
3rd, determine how many mcg per mil; 50,000mcg/250ml = 200 mcg/ml.
almost there! The client needs 413.65 mcg/min and there are there are 200 mcg/ml
so finally -- ; 413.65mcg/min divided by 200mcg/ml is 2.07ml/min. With a drip factor of 60 gtt/ml, then 60 × 2.07 = 124.28 gtt/min

Like I said, I got three out of 20 wrong in my last two tests, for a failing score of 85%. Two of the ones I got wrong where IV-type problems like the one above and the other one was a stupid rounding mistake. I guess I'm just letting all you folks who've been rooting for me to know that I am on the edge of washing out. And I'll be ok if that happens, but I'll be So. Embarrassed. I know that everyone will be supportive and want the best for me, and I'll feel like I've let everyone down. (yeah, I won't be ok. But I will eventually)

So I just have to pass this damned test, eh?


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