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A walk in the woods, just as it started to rain --

I was in the UP a couple of weeks ago. Luke is doing very well and I miss him. We went to go look at a piece of property that I have my eye on.
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Carli Aurora, born September 25th (parents Carl and Crystal)

Elliot Lincoln, born October 5 (parents David and Bekkah)
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Another October birthday for us! My grandson Elliot has made his appearance -- just little over an hour ago. Pictures pending. Mother and son are well.

Edit: Pics!

"Our beautiful baby boy Elliott Lincoln joined us today at 12:06pm. He is 8 lbs 1 oz and 22 inches long. We are all happy and doing well."
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More baby pics! Here's Eleventy, also known as Carli Aurora:

Home birth in a birthing tub -- I gotta say that mom and baby look pre'damn good for an 18 hr. labor.

Rocking the Geoffrion/Dupras genes!

With sister, Eilie (just shy of 2 yrs)


Sep. 25th, 2015 03:31 pm
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Welcome to the world, Carli Aurora! My son and his wife, Carl and Crystalyn, are safely delivered of a girl-child, born this morning at 2:45 am, weighing exactly 7lbs and measuring 20 inches. Such strong features! I love it.

I haven't blogged about this, but Carl and Crystal decided to do an unassisted home birth. Thankfully, everything went well and mom and baby are fine. Beckka and David are due today, so Twelve will be coming along any time now!
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About a gazillion years ago, my son Carl, a high school sophomore, met me on the front porch steps as I was coming home from work. It was spring. He looked nervous. Uh, oh. I thought. What now?

I expected him to say that he broke a window, or that he was flunking a class. I didn't expect him to say that his girlfriend was pregnant.

Carl moved in with Crystal that summer. He was sixteen. And though he only lived across town, and it's a little town, I missed him so much. We were running our little coffee shop then, and he rode his bike in every morning and worked before school.

Today Carl and Crystalyn went down to the courthouse and got married. They just wanted a simple ceremony, and they asked that Mike and I not come -- because they want to have a big ceremony next year, and then it will feel special, with us there for the first time.

So here you go, this young family. They got their almost-4 yr old, Seth, a ring, too. Here's a few pics -- someone must have been holding their little guy, Jareth, who was born in December.

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