May. 18th, 2015 10:10 am
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I posted this over on LJ yesterday, and forgot to put it on DW.

All the seedlings are planted, and I got three tires of potatoes done. I got most of the first swale done, too. I purchased the PVC that I needed to replace the one the city took for the 2nd vertical planter. Tomorrow I'll call the garden project dude for my compost for the towers and rocks for the swales.

We also purchased a second car. We've been limping along with one car for over a year now -- when Sam and Kayla lived with us it was pretty easy because Sam and Mike work at the same place (Meijer warehouse) -- but it's getting difficult now, and if I have to go to classes in September, it'll be very difficult. So, we are the proud owners of a '97 Aspire. Nice little runner, rusty but trusty and 40 mpg.

Also, Silvia gave Mike her lawn mower since she hires someone to do her lawn and she never uses it. It was very generous of her and I'm really happy to not have to always borrow one.
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I have no idea how other people negotiate and communicate about their poly relationship issues. This is how Mike and I did it in an IM conversation this morning: )
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Last night, coming home from Len's and buoyed up by his loving, I decided to go and get things over with Keith. He plays pool Wednesday nights and his van was there at Pasquali's, so, taking a deep breath, I parked, scurried across the frozen parking lot and pushed open the door. )


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