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Last week, Mike built most of my greenhouse. It looks wonderful and he's really pissed because he didn't want to have to build the greenhouse. But he thought I was doing it wrong and it drove him crazy, so he built it, except for the roof which is all laid out to go.

Today I'm going to put on the roof, and then I'm going to go across the street to the guerrilla garden and work on my planter-thing. I've been thinking about this planter-thing for over a year and thanks to a dear friend who threw me some cash, I'm gonna start building it today.

I'm also gonna get what I need for my aquaponics tank, but I'm not going to start on that until I get the planter-thing done. I've got to get the aquaponic beds made, and that's gonna be a ton of work too. Cheap though -- I just need 1x6s, plastic and pea gravel. I'll probably do that next week.

The planter-thing will be -- hm, how to describe? Ok, imagine a simple structure, about 4' by 20', long and thin. There are no walls, just a roof held up by 4x4s. Now, replace the 4x4s at the corners of the roof with one large pylon. Now, make that pylon out of earth, with things growing out of it. Make the roof of this structure out of some of that clear corrugated roofing stuff. More plants will be hanging from the rafters of the roof, grapes eventually, and flowers. Put a lounger under there, maybe a hammock, and a little table.

I'm still thinking about what to plant in the columns -- strawberries, lettuces, tomatoes (I have a cool idea for the tomatoes -- weave them through the supporting wire so that they root in several places along the stem)

I'm going to make scissor trusses for the roof (it'll look like this) -- I need to do the math to find the lengths I'll need.

I'm trying to decide what kind of mix to fill the pylons -- a peat moss, vermiculite, garden loam mix. I don't want it to be too heavy, but I want it to retain enough water that I don't have to water it every day. The column will be about four feet wide and five feet tall, so about 60-65 cubic feet. Half peat? Hmm. Suggestions welcome.

First, I gotta take a pill for this migraine that wants to happen. Then get the boys dressed and off we go. John, wish you could be here! You could help me wrangle the preschoolers.
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This weekend, I'm going to be buying things for my projects. I have *four* projects on the table:

-- Get the upstairs bedroom wired, insulated and sheetrocked.

-- Get the greenhouse built and put the fish tank up.

-- start on the treehouse.

-- start on the gazebo.

So, this weekend, I hope to buy romex, electrical boxes, wiring nuts and insulation for the bedroom, fencing and landscaping fabric for the gazebo growing towers, and the 4X4s and footing hardware for the treehouse. I might also get 1X6s and the plastic for the aquaponics growing beds.

I have classes on Mondays and Wednesdays, and I work Tues, Thur, Fri and Sat. So I only have Sundays off -- and that is going to have to change. I'm going to break it to my client that as of next week, I'm going to go down to three days.

Our kids are coming down the first week of April and I'm so excited! I need to have that bedroom sheetrocked before they come.

Hmmmm -- maybe the family would like to help build the treehouse? That might be really fun! If I have all the stuff together and the footings set, we could put it up in an afternoon.
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I've been feeling all kinds of tendrils of creativity bubble up over the last couple of days. It feels really great. I'm still having some trouble with Mike but it's not ... We're not arguing or even irritated with each other. We're not giving each other the cold shoulder. We're very friendly with each other. It makes me feel, I dunno, lonely. I miss him.

Anyway. Here are some projects I've been thinking about:

-- Baking Today I'm making a bunch of pasties, for dinner and freezing some. Then I'm going to make some baklava for a Eid al-Fitr gift. And I'm throwing together a rhubarb crisp because it's supper easy.

-- Finishing the sand box. I still need to buy the sand (3 cubic yards of Lake Michigan beach sand) -- it'll cost $180, delivered. The box is 8'X16' and about 6' deep.

-- Finishing my garden sculpture: I've got almost all I need together. I still need garden cloth, farmer's cloth, and some bolts -- maybe $50? But the sandbox comes first.

-- Ella's quilt. I dunno, I've put this on a back burner because I haven't decided size, mostly. Should I just make something nice or make something really nice. I'd prefer really nice but a big, big voice tells me that it'd be silly to make something really nice for a kid to use. So here I sit, indecisive.

To be fair, I never finished Luke's Minecraft quilt, because that's when my sewing machine went kablooie. I should do that first, especially since it's half done and looks really cool.

-- Painting the living room floor:
Currently, under the toys and dog hair, we're got an old wood floor that's been painted white and most of that is half worn away. What I'd like to do is paint it a light green with flowers all over. Trying to figure out how to do that while we all live in the house is daunting, but it's doable.
red-roses-anna-folkartanna-maciejewska-dyba-yarrowmany-bleeding-hearts-linda-kempSunflower Lovers by Miriam Schulmanimg-thing
This is the feel I'm going for, if that makes sense. Imagine them all together like a looking down on a garden -- maybe a light green base color? Suggestions welcome.

-- Building a Shoe Bench

Our entrance-way hall is cluttered by shoes are thrown along the wall. I'd like to make a bench that stores shoes underneath.

A smash-up of this and this:

With a flat wooden seat and branches supporting the sides and as dowels to hold the shoes.

I can get the wood free (scavenged) but will need to pay for the varnish/paint. So, maybe $20 for this project.

-- Writing. I dunno, I've just been thinking of stuff. Well, what I mean is that my head is full of writing stuff but I don't have the life-space to do any writing.

-- odd things like this transfer pictures/ink onto wood project. Isn't this cool?


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