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I've got a physiology quiz tomorrow and a lab paper due, but I'm covered. I've also got an anatomy assignment due, and I've got to work on that tonight.

But it's Sunday, so all is good. After work last night, I called Luke down and he helped me with getting the roof together for the greenhouse. I'm *one* 2x4 short, so I'll get that today, make some cuts and then put the roof on. We might do some painting today, too -- the boys insist that the greenhouse must be green (duh!). I'm also going to be spending a coupla' hours digging out the garden swales and filling up my garden towers.

Squirrels have been digging up my peas, but don't seem to have actually eaten any of the seed peas. I dunno -- maybe they were digging just to dig, they do that. Anyway, some of the peas are starting to germinate and I've got to water them today. I hate having to water. I've got to find some mulch to put over the peas so that I don't have to water 'em tomorrow. Free mulch. Hmm, shredded leaves, I think.

(as an aside, I just had a short conversation about self-control with Zary and Trentyn. "Why do you need to control yourself?" "Controlling yourself means thinking about something before you do it -- if you do the very first thing that comes into your head, you make mistakes. You have to use your big-boy brain." -- if someone has suggestions on other ways to talk to the boys about self control, feel free to chime in.)

Ok, off to the builders' store to get the 2x4 -- might have to wait 'till tomorrow to get the paint.

a day

Apr. 14th, 2015 04:46 pm
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It's such a lovely day! Sun, a bit of a breeze and temps in the high 60s. I got off early today because my client had a bad seizure -- I always feel bad when that happens, even though there's nothing I can do to stop it. And also because I'm always happy to come home, so it feels like I'm happy that he had a seizure, even though I know that's not true. bleh.

Anyway! Got home, grabbed the little boys and took them off to the thrift store. We got a newish bike helmet and two pairs of knee pads for their scooters, and something like six pairs of shorts and tshirts, all for under $25.

Then we came home and I threw supper together -- a multigrain pilaf with rice, barley and quinoa, and carrots, onion. celery and turkey. And corn on the cob on the side. Yum. Now I'm laying across my bed trying not to fall asleep while the kids eat. Then I need to pack them in the van again and haul them to soccer. While they play, I'll work on my algebra homework.

Then I'll bring them home, correct Luke's algebra homework and his paragraph, talk to him about the documentary he watched today, then get the kids to bed and do more algebra homework and at 10pm, go pick up Mike from work.

Tomorrow, I need to do my algebra pre-test quiz and at 7:30 am go off to my second to the last exam. Three more weeks!
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I'm off today!

Work is going better -- I'm feeling less overwhelmed. But on the days I work, I pretty much do nothing else, and that's a bummer. I still go in early so that I can get set up without feeling so rushed. I usually get in at 0430 and we are required to punch in at 0515. The first patients start trickling in at 0530. I punch out at 4pm, at home by 4:30 and I'm usually asleep by 8:30 or 9pm. The four hours before bed are usually spent making dinner and cleaning up (though not last night -- Mike cooked and zoning out in front of a screen or monitor.

This morning I am thinking about bees. We will be moving within the next 30 days. Our yard is very small, but there are two community gardens - each one about 5 blocks away to the east and west of us, and I wonder if I could put a hive in each of those.

Ok -- off to get b'fast for the boys.

Aaand back. Pancakes were made and eaten, the boys are in the tub, a load of wash is going and the dishes from last night and this morning are soaking. Next on the list is to get the boys dressed, unload the dishwasher and load it back up and pick up the living/dining area.

Today I am going to be boxing stuff up. I'm hoping to spend at least 3-4 hours sorting through stuff, boxing it and, when Mike gets home, hauling it to the other house.

And sometime today I'm going to make a climate post.
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I feel like I've been rolled in a carpet and beaten with sticks. But last night I got a solid eight hours of sleep, so at least I'm not exhausted on top of it. Which is good, 'cause I gotta bust out a dinner today.

In my family, Thanksgiving is all about the carbs. We'll have a turkey, but more importantly mashed white potatoes, Grandma's Rice Ring, chestnut stuffing, baked sweet potatoes and rutabaga (swedes?). Hmm, and also a jello thing made of orange jello, shredded carrot and crushed pineapple, steamed broccoli in the rice ring, an apple salad (waldorf) and cranberry sauce (both homemade whole and the canned stuff.)

Ok -- the boys just got up and now they're having some cereal. Yay for cereal!

Yesterday I wanted to quite my job. I didn't want to enough to actually quit, but I really wished hard for it for a good half hour.

Things that are good in my life right now:

-- The little boys are healthy and happy.
-- All of my children, their wives and children are healthy and happy.
-- Mike and I are making enough money to pay our bills.

That's three really, really big things.

Next week, there's a court hearing for Jerome, and we're expecting some good news. I know that the DHS plan continues to be reunification, but I don't know how things are going to work.

So, something that I haven't talked much about is that Mike and I are buying a house. It's old and needs a new roof, and we're getting it on land contract for $1200 down, payments of about $525/mo. Total sale price is $35,000. Here it is on Zwillow. There are pictures of the lovely woodwork.

It needs a new roof to the point that there's been some significant damage to one of the upstairs ceilings, but we're handy and Keith does roofing and we can call down a couple of sons for the weekend and knock it out. Downstairs, there is a small fireplace in the living room, and the room is L-shaped, so we can make a bit of a playroom there. There's a small formal dining room and the kitchen is ok. Upstairs, there's three bedrooms and a sun room. We won't be able to have our big bed, but we have a queen that Jerome is using, and we'll use that.

There's only one bathroom and there's an attic and a basement.

We've been talking to Jerome about how he's going to work things out with the kids. He knows that he's not quite up to taking care of the kids 24/7 -- even if the DHS declares him fit. So we're thinking that we can sell the double-wide modular we're in (it needs a new roof, too, and we might be able to get 8K for it) and when we redo the roof, we can raise it up a bit and make an apartment for Jerome there, with a bedroom, bathroom and living/kitchenette.

The yard is very small, but there's a community garden and a park.

I'm really hoping that after the court hearing, Jerome will at least be able to parent the kids here while we're at work. About 3/4 of my pay is currently going for childcare. The boys really love the center, though. We're applying for a grant to cover the childcare expense, but I don't know if they'll pay us back for what we've already paid out. We'll deal.

Okay, the cereal is done, and the boys are heading to a morning bath. Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!


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