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I have passed the NCLEX-PN.

I can now work as an LPN in the state of Michigan. The folks that run the NCLEX test let you pay an additional $8 for unofficial results. I wasn't going to do it, but I have to say it's probably the best $8 I've ever spent. I should get my license number sometime next week.

My knee is slowly getting better. I'll be starting physical therapy next week. I should be in a new job by the end of the month.

I don't know if I can express how much this means to me. Accomplishment, financial security, being able to move forward -- it's rather amazing. When I got my BS, I felt validated. With this, I feel euphoric.

The nursing program has said that I will likely be able to continue on in September, and if not then, I will likely get a spot next May. Either way, I know that it'll come.

If you're a person who's planning on attending 2017 FOGcon or Wiscon, please come look me up. And Wiscon-folk, I'm looking for roomies.
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These are some trips I'm planning in the next year. If I'm going to be near you, I'd love to have coffee or such!

Sept 25-27: Marquette, Michigan. I'm moving my sister down to come live with me. She's in Gwinn, Michigan. I'll be traveling from Lansing, Michigan along US-127 to I-75, across the Mackinaw Bridge, along US-2 and up M-77 to M-28. I'm leaving Friday afternoon, 3pm-ish and arriving at 0'dark-thirty; coming back Sunday afternoon.

Oct 17-18; Charlevoix, Michigan. The Third Annual October Birthday Bash! Wooot! (Two new grandbabies are due in September. Currently among my immediate family, we have birthdays -- Jan/4, Feb/1, March/4, April/0, May/1, June/1, July/1, Aug/1, Sep/1, Oct/7, Nov/0, Dec/4.) Route is I-96 to US-131.

Late December: Negaunee, Michigan. Just a holiday visit to the family, same route through lower Michigan to the UP.

March 11-13, 2016; FOGcon 6, Walnut Creek, California. This is a wish more than a for-sure thing. I'll be in the midst of nursing school, and it'll be expensive, maybe $1500? for plane tickets and hotel and meals and all.... but man I want to go.

May 27-30, 2016; Wiscon, Madison Wisconsin. Definitely going. I'll drive, taking I-94 to Chicago, and then I'll probably take the scenic route that [personal profile] kaffyr and I took, back in... 2012? Anyway, it was lovely. If you live near the route, feel free to ask me for a ride!

If everything goes well, and I'm expecting it to go middling-well, in March or April we'll be buying that piece of property that I have my eye on. Most likely we'll take a camping trip up in early to mid summer to scope out where we want to put the first cabin. Come camp with us! I would love that.

In May of 2016 I'll be eligible to take my NCLEX-PN and get my license to practice as an LPN. December of 2016 I'll get my ADN and when I pass my NCLEX-RN, I'll be looking for my first job as an RN. Then things might get interesting.
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I got a 3.66 for the semester; 4.0s in algebra and anatomy and a 3.0 in physiology. The physiology grade has me annoyed because I would have got` a 3.5 in I hadn't totally tanked in the final.

All the nursing application stuff is done except the basic life saving for health professionals (that's a CPR/First aid card - a one day seminar) -- I'll take that in June or July, and it's ok if it's late. But I really don't know if I'll get in this semester, and it's driving me a little crazy. I'll know by the end of June.

The day after finals, I came down with a cold. Not just a cold, but one of those sudden bone weary, congested, hacking cough things that stopped me in my tracks. Bleh. So now it's Friday and I work tomorrow -- and then next week I have three days off. I will spend them gardening as much as I can and thinking of Wiscon as little as possible. Really, though, have a great time, folks, and tell me all about it.

I'm off to sign Luke up for the summer children's theater. He did their spring show, working on prop construction, and he really liked it, so he's doing that again. I need to get some butcher paper or something because we're doing one of those history timelines that shows what was happening on all the continents.


Jan. 2nd, 2015 06:03 am
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I will be going to Wiscon this year. Anyone looking for a roomy? I'm traveling from Lansing, Michigan -- anyone need a ride? Or offering a ride in exchange for gas money?

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There are several ways to get to a convention if you're a little short of cash. There's Con or Bust, Friends of Dennis and a scholarship.

Here's another one that is, right now, Wiscon-specific:

Rosie's Wiscon is a group of people who want to bring more working class women to WisCon. Go take a look

Why yet another funding avenue? Why the hell not? And I wanted something nuts-and-bolts, something that gave me more agency, something that felt better than holding my hand out.

If you know anyone who might get into this, send them to Rosie's.


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