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I'm very pleased to announce that I got a 90% on my last algebra test, which means I'm getting an 4.0 in the level of math that I took in my junior year of high school. Yay me! Really, I'm both extremely pleased and eye-rolly at the same time. But the really pleased part is definitely winning. And the 4.0 will be very good for my nursing school entrance points. It looks like I'll get a 4.0 in anatomy too, but only a 3.5 in physiology. Still, exceeded my expectations for the semester and my hopes are high for getting in this autumn.

Last day of classes is Monday, May 11.

Last week I told my client's mom that I was only going to work four days a week this summer, and that July 31 would be my last day. We have a fair relationship; she does crap that irritates me like whoa, and I'm odd to her. But we both try to get along. So she won't exactly miss me, but she knows that my leaving will be hard on her son, who's become very fond of me (and visa versa.) And I know that she'll miss my steadiness and work ethic. I'll try very hard not to dance out the door.

Last week, the city came and "cleaned up" my guerrilla garden so now it's not so guerrilla. They took about $50 worth of fencing, landscaping cloth, and lumber as well as all of my bags of leaves that were going into the vertical garden towers, and they cut down the PVC tower that I had up but not yet put together with the fencing. But today I licensed the garden with the Ingham County Land Bank Garden Project and I'm kinda kicking myself for not doing it sooner because it will be a wonderful resource of not only information (like, there's a guy who's gonna show me how to start up bees) but also they'll give out all kinds of free stuff, like *3 yards* of free compost, very cheap organic seedlings ($3 a flat) -- Also, he said that there were folks he knew who where experimenting with aquaponics, so there's another resource. And! Garden Dude said that when I'm ready and if the neighbors are cool with it, he'll help me with setting up for chickens. It was so fun to talk to someone about my garden, to watch the small smile of appreciation when I described my rain-catch and swale system. And the garden shed is ok to put up. So -- vertical garden towers, bees, chickens, 4 20' long double dug beds, greenhouse and aquaponics pond, and the stackwood garden shed. It's all gonna come together this summer.

Everyone should come on over sometime in late August. We'll barbecue and I'll hand out zucchini.

a day

Apr. 14th, 2015 04:46 pm
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It's such a lovely day! Sun, a bit of a breeze and temps in the high 60s. I got off early today because my client had a bad seizure -- I always feel bad when that happens, even though there's nothing I can do to stop it. And also because I'm always happy to come home, so it feels like I'm happy that he had a seizure, even though I know that's not true. bleh.

Anyway! Got home, grabbed the little boys and took them off to the thrift store. We got a newish bike helmet and two pairs of knee pads for their scooters, and something like six pairs of shorts and tshirts, all for under $25.

Then we came home and I threw supper together -- a multigrain pilaf with rice, barley and quinoa, and carrots, onion. celery and turkey. And corn on the cob on the side. Yum. Now I'm laying across my bed trying not to fall asleep while the kids eat. Then I need to pack them in the van again and haul them to soccer. While they play, I'll work on my algebra homework.

Then I'll bring them home, correct Luke's algebra homework and his paragraph, talk to him about the documentary he watched today, then get the kids to bed and do more algebra homework and at 10pm, go pick up Mike from work.

Tomorrow, I need to do my algebra pre-test quiz and at 7:30 am go off to my second to the last exam. Three more weeks!


Apr. 1st, 2015 02:51 pm
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Into the final slog, week 12 of 18:

intermediate algebra: 86.7%
human physiology: 87.4%
anatomy: 84% (but I have a test this week, so we'll see)

There's a chance I can get a 4.0 in physiology, and a slimmer chance I can 4.0 in algebra. The memorization for the anatomy class is very tough for me.

I really need to cut back at work, but ... bleh. It's complicated. Also, damn, I'm sooo tired.
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I'm off today!

Work is going better -- I'm feeling less overwhelmed. But on the days I work, I pretty much do nothing else, and that's a bummer. I still go in early so that I can get set up without feeling so rushed. I usually get in at 0430 and we are required to punch in at 0515. The first patients start trickling in at 0530. I punch out at 4pm, at home by 4:30 and I'm usually asleep by 8:30 or 9pm. The four hours before bed are usually spent making dinner and cleaning up (though not last night -- Mike cooked and zoning out in front of a screen or monitor.

This morning I am thinking about bees. We will be moving within the next 30 days. Our yard is very small, but there are two community gardens - each one about 5 blocks away to the east and west of us, and I wonder if I could put a hive in each of those.

Ok -- off to get b'fast for the boys.

Aaand back. Pancakes were made and eaten, the boys are in the tub, a load of wash is going and the dishes from last night and this morning are soaking. Next on the list is to get the boys dressed, unload the dishwasher and load it back up and pick up the living/dining area.

Today I am going to be boxing stuff up. I'm hoping to spend at least 3-4 hours sorting through stuff, boxing it and, when Mike gets home, hauling it to the other house.

And sometime today I'm going to make a climate post.
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Wow, I've had a great week. I mean, A Great Week. I got a new job, and then I got another *ever better* new job. Also, once I am trained with this company, I can work just about anywhere, if I have the need.

I began working as a Volunteer Fellow at the Obama for America campaign, here in Lansing.

Working on the campaign, I met a very interesting woman who happens to be a lawyer (solicitor) and will help us with Jerome's adoption papers, and let us pay her monthly, which we will actually be able to afford.

I've been walking around my trailer court and registering people to vote. They are so happy to see me! It is very cool. Yesterday I spent most of the morning at a local Democratic convention meeting where I submitted a party resolution about addressing climate change. For real! I wrote it on a piece of notebook paper and handed to the resolutions dude. He said he'd type it up and put it up for a vote at the next meeting. Then I went to a UAW picnic and manned the Obama table and signed up more volunteers.

We haven't heard anything about the little boys; I will call the Marquette DHS office tomorrow.

Also, today I am cleaning up a bit around here, doing laundry, taking a walk to the garden to see if it has survived since I planted it -- I don't have any fencing and the wildlife might have eaten it -- as well as go about with the voter registration clip board. Pork chops with mushroom gravy are in the crock pot, and we'll have that with potatoes and a salad for supper.

Edit: this is what functional mania looks like.
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I interviewed on Monday for another job - Patient Care Tech at a Fresenius dialysis clinic.

I got it! There were twelve other candidates. The base pay is $12.50/hr with full medical and dental. I don't start until Sept 4 -- unless they move it up since I am free. I'll have *six weeks* of training, mainly on how to use the machines, Monday thru Friday, 8am-5pm. After the training, I'll move to a four day/week, ten hour/day schedule.

Now I need to CVS and tell them the bad news. Ugh, I hate this part. But still! Wooot!


Aug. 13th, 2012 06:33 pm
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I just got a today at the CVS/Walgreens in East Lansing as a shift supervisor, for full time, $10/hr (which is $20,800/yr or about £13,260/yr)

Nothing much more to say except *whew*.
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But every time I see DW, I think of Doctor Who.

Home: I'm feeling pretty good, even though Mike's going back home today. But he was here for over a week, and it's been wonderful.

Work: No work today!

School: Only two weeks left of this semester. I have no idea about my grades. I'm thinking that I'll be doing so-so. Which, really, is okay for me right now.

I've got myself signed up for 16 credits this summer: the required Health class, Social Neuropsychology, and retaking Pharmacology and Human Growth and Development. I might also take an independent study for my nutrition minor, which would put me at 18 credits. The interesting thing is that they are *all* online courses. I'm curious to see how I'll do with that.

Writing: Grant and I are finishing up our edits, and throwing Count The Stars to the VP-XII crit group sometime toward the end of the group.

Serene's beautiful 42 Magazine was delivered to my house yesterday. It really is lovely. And my story is right at the middle of the magazine, where it falls open. And the artwork is wonderful! I love it.

I should hear something by the end of the month about the two pieces I entered into the NMU short story and essay contests. I should also hear something from Lady Churchill's Rosebud Wristlet and The Pedestal by mid-May or so.

Now that CTS is off and running, it's time to work on something else. I think I'll tackle the re-write of Matilda and then the If's alien-Russian Mafia story.
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9 am -- Social Psychology; The professor is demanding that we all buy the latest edition of the text, so I asked the class if there was someone who wanted to "rent" their books to me, and I have a new study-mate, David. I have a feeling that this is going to develop into a comfortable friendship.

10 am -- Intro to Research Methods; Looks like I'm gonna be a research assistant. How could I pass it up? Too cool. My professor is a small, laid back fellow from Japan, Dr. Takahiro Yamaguchi.

3 pm -- Individual Differences and the Development of Personality; This is going to be a rather intense, fascinating course.


I work from 5p - midnight at the center, tonight. Yesterday, one of the counselors told me that it didn't feel like I was a new hire, "It's more like you've been away, and you came back." The feeling is very mutual. I love this job.

At the other job, my elderly client was presenting symptoms of norovirus when I left on Sunday. I haven't heard anything, so I'd guess that he's doing as well as expected. I go in there tomorrow 3p-10p, so I'll find out then. My whole house was sick with it last week, but two of the other aides had been sick with it, too. And I called and told my supervisor that my family was sick, and she told me to come on in. But there's a good chance that I'm the one who carried the virus to him. Poor fella.


Since Carl moved into his girlfriend's home last summer, my relationship with Sam has been blossoming. He is really pumped for Comicon. We were talking costuming last night, and he decided on reprising Old Greg. I shall be putting up a wish list for accrutments.

He's really serious about making gaming a carreer. There's a geek-heaven college down in Florida that looks like heaven, Full Sail. He still wants to get his private pilot's license, too.

I haven't decided if this is the best way to go. If the world was going to keep chugging along as it is, I'd say, yeah, go for it. But I don't think we have much "chug" left. Still, having someone who can program might not be a bad idea. And he'll have back-up skills.


The first draft of the collaboration is almost done! I think it'll finish up somewhere between novellette and novella in length. I have absolutely no idea if it's any good. We're gonna give it another spit and polish, and then throw it at the writing group and see what they think. Which reminds me, I'm behind on my crits.


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