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[livejournal.com profile] rivka's post here made me think of this:

Conversations in the Car

Four years old, looking out on a rainy morning
He murmurs,
When I die, the kitties will miss me.
shudder twitch
unclench my hands
Yes, they will.
And Carl and Sam will miss me.
And you will miss me.
blink blink
Yes, I would miss you.

winter poem

Jan. 8th, 2007 10:24 pm
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Dawn asked if I would write a poem about winter:

Silence flows like melody,
Breathes out soft winter air,
Sings 'neath the snow, holding fast
The frozen lilac, the buds of green
Locked sleeping in hard earth.
It is Winter Woman's frozen song
That rattles the bare branches,
Singing sweetly silent, she
Lays a shroud on the cedars,
A cold blanket snug tight on the land.

Winter Woman holds Wolf Moon
Lightly against her glinting bosom
And silence like a melody
Streams on the deep night air,
Falls ringing like crystal beads
Into the bright bowl of stars,
And down again in soft kisses of frost,
Laying lightly upon my head
Loving benediction. Oh! But cold
Winter Woman's frozen hand!
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Here I am again, here I am,
Tossing pebbles at your window.
I wish I didn't know where you live,
Or that windows did not beckon me.
Set there, in the walls around you
Just so you can come peek out and
I can peek in, but only look,
That's the rule now, right? No Touching,
No tasting, of course. I'd listen
If there were anything to be said.

edit: talking in IM, Mike and me:
LJGeoff: probably be a little over the top to tie it to a rock and throw it through his window, huh?
Pipersnow1: I would think so, but not sure
LJGeoff: *chuckle*
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Watch As I Balance

Breath, like flowing water
Polishing stony thoughts
Slipping smoothly around
Filling the emptiness
Like empty valence shells
Proton to electron
Balance your life to mine
In and out, slipping soft
Between, fingertip to
Fingertip, slide into place,
Like breath between my lips.
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there was a submissions call for zombie poems....

Beloved Zombie

So, in rotted bridal white you come dressed,
Still firm but cold now, lovely mounded breasts.
You moan as you did once -- If I but closed
Mine eyes and stopped the reek from my nose,
Then could I bend my heart and mind toward doom
Your mindless will, striving to consume
My heart, Dearheart! I will give you my heart!
Oh, yes, moan, beloved, moan and take mark.
I shall shamble at your side, as I said,
Not parted, we are forever undead.
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I came to dance, let loose, explode
Out, away from the nucleus,
From the heart, beating
Like the drums, rocking against my
Pubis like a lover,
Oh, yeah, rocking against me.
Your voice in the air, thick,
If I open my mouth
I can swallow it, so that it
Brushes inside of me,
Beats inside of me,
Like my heart, like the drums,
I’ll explode now, like this,
Watch me fall away
Fall out,
Sweat streaked hair flung,
Warm, damp skin pulsing,
Reaching out, out, out of myself.
Oh, catch me.
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String Theory

Sat on the back of Turtle
Turtle's shell swirled with
Curled dimensions,
Tickled his naked butt
And Nanaboozhoo laughed with
The voice of Strings

I asked him --
What is force and
What is effect?
But he just laughed.


Apr. 8th, 2006 12:21 pm
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The look that you gave me
Bent time and space.

I could feel myself twist,
Bend, stretch out beyond my limits
Until I was falling,
Flowing into the gravity well
Of your solid warmth.


Apr. 3rd, 2006 02:10 pm
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I took her hand,
Her fine, papery skin
Soft against my fingertips.

Frank died in the night.

I said,
I'm sorry.

She placed her other hand
Over mine.
We sat,
Our limpu toast growing
Cold and stiff,
My hand held softly in her grasp,
Trapped there between her
Aged palms,
Hearing the whisper of death.

she said,

She must have seen something
In my eyes, wide,
Because she patted my hand,
Smiled ruefully, a glimmer of something there,

It was his time to go,
ya know.
He couldn't shovel the snow no more.
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I was out doing one of my jobs at work, changing the trash cans and putting washer fluid in the buckets and those blue paper towels in the dispensers. We'd had snow storms all weekend, with a wind that built up the drifts. But, even with the wind blowing, it was very clear while the sun was going down. Beautiful. In my head, I began hearing a voice, like this:

With Eino, Over Coffee

The sun was almost down
An' the sky had that color
That purple-blue color
Makes yer heart ache t' see.
Da wind whipped up, real cold,
Pre' near took that flag off
Da one that I hung for
Our guys over there, eh?
Ya, brought tears t' my eyes,
Da wind did, was that fierce.
But I stood there an' watched
Purple come, like Christ's cloak
Flung across da sky as
A blessing on my head.
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Measurable Effect

'Tween the DNA in your cells
And the breath that flows past your lips
There are no dark places to quell
The strangeness at my fingertips;
Reality's veil is undone.

I couldn't hold you to your word -
Like gravity, it's a weak force.
Perhaps the sound of your voice stirred
The air as your vows bled from their course
Into another dimension.


Jan. 14th, 2006 09:42 am
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Arabus, When Spurned

They will spin a gyre in macabre ballet
When, soft, summoned to the salted circle.
Whirling mad to the geas they must obey
Shreaks and moans echo fierce as they hurtle

Aloft, the moon draws clouds across her face
And the stars leap back like frightened children.
What searching woman finds no hiding place
There is no haven here, nor ever been.

Like crying hawks with spectral talons dire,
Cruel laughter drowns the wretched, sky-flung screams.
So, snatched and borne up high and ever higher,
Enplaced upon the alter of his dreams.

Future rift, your smold'ring soul bursts afire
In the glowing furnace of my desire.
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I'm getting ready to write a chapter-- getting the ideas together and just starting to see the scenes in my head. The native americans talk of women's power as the sustaining power. I was thinking about that today; what defines the power of a woman? What is woman's magic? Nurturing, sustaining, connecting, alluring.

and a poem came of it:

You could say that it's like a cloak
But you'd be wrong. Nor like a skin.
It shines earthen fire from her eyes,
Breathes the zephyr wind from her pores.
It sings electric in the rake
Of the lioness' slick claw,
You feel it in the ceaseless sea,
Taste it in the sweetness of a
Sun warmed peach, wet across your lips.
And if you say that the warm, soft
Sweetness of a peach
Has no real power,
You'd be wrong again.
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she brushed her hair and braided it,
that wild hair, she wound it round and
round in a plait and tied it tight.
but, of course, it wouldn't lay still.
it really was quite stupid hair.
she railed against it and beat it,
begged it to listen to reason,
or at least have the decency
to be embarrassed by itself.
it only curled around her ear
or stuck up sideways in the back.
so, finally, sick of it all,
tired and disgusted, she cut it,
but it just grew back, no wiser.
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Another failed test -
I've always been embarrassingly naive,
and the judgment thing, yeah.
But I thought that perhaps it was you
or maybe the other fellow.
Who else would care?
So I took the chance
and got slapped for it.
You'd think that enough slaps
would do it.

I'm living proof that older
isn't always wiser,
and that remuneration is
never enough.
Some things you can't pay back.

But the words are mine,
you gave them to me,
and even if they aren't true now,
they were.
I've done the one thing you asked,
but the other,
No, I'm sorry.
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She Winked As She Floated By

Languid membranes waltz to an unknown rhythm
Wave like silken ribbons, like waving hands or like
gravity, waving low and slow across time.

Waltz for a moment without touching, but feeling
Looking into the black depths of one another
Across the non-distance of thought, undulating

Come together in ekpyrotic orgasm
Spewing out energy, mass, love, hate, life, wonder.
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so I wrote a couple of poems. First, I did this:

You'd think that the grey sky
Would be lonely and dull
But it glints like silver
Whispers against my face
Lifts the hair on my nape
Like a fierce, silver grin
Before the knife goes in.

Then, playing with it, I got this:

November Sky

You'd think that the grey wind
Would sound dull and broken.
Oh, no, silver it glints
Whispers against my skin
Soft and then loud again,
With the power of sin
Like a fierce, silver grin
Before the blade slips in.
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I dreamed that while I slept,
You came like a spirit,
Shivering the air and
Slipping down next to me,
Warm and heavy, one leg
Thrown soft across my hips.

I could smell you.

If I lay very still
Would the moon lose her way?
And the night catch her breath
Slowing, like our slow breaths.
While the moon swayed and dipped
I believed you were there,

And, oh, you were.
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Chase me

The first time I saw you
you grinned
and I thought
Well, there's a charmer.

My heart stretched
like a cat
Ready to play
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I want to write about how beautiful he is, about how precious he is to me, but this is all that will come:

Ten Days Leave

When she held him close the night before
He left for the dark side of the moon,
A snake came and curled around her heart,
Secret, sated and content, for now.
When lips tasted and she welcomed his
Sleepy caresses just once more, it
Constricted, gently, to remind her,
Bind her in choked silence and breathless
She clung to him, refusing to weep.


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