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I've had one interview with a job offer of working nights in a nursing home for $23.80/hr. I've had two phone interviews for the correctional job, and will be sending in my background check tomorrow; the interviewer finished the interview by saying "Let's get this show on the road." I haven't been able to connect with the hiring person from the spinal cord/brain injury rehab place yet. So I still haven't decided which job to take, but I know I'll be working somewhere soon for pre'damn good money.

Short range plans: get all the bills under control; get Luke moved into Carl's place; get the upstairs bedroom that's been gutted for two-freaking-years finished so the little boys can have their own room; get myself a new laptop for school.

Mid-range plans: I'm not going to school this September. There are some excellent reasons, and they mostly have to do with money. I will go back next September, and I'll go back with most of my tuition saved up and with some real nursing experience under my belt. I feel extremely comfortable and confident about this.

Long range plans: After graduating with my RN, I'll start saving for the property. Every year that passes gets me more jumpy about the future, and I'm behind by something like five years. Truthfully, I had a tough talk with myself about spending the time/money to get my RN --I'm that freaked out by the incessant ticking of the damn clock. But the knowledge and skills will be just as useful, if not more, than the increased pay and job opportunities.

What is hard for me: I want to spend money that I haven't yet made on things I've been wanting for years. One thing I *am* going to do is go to the Nutcracker this Christmas, and pay for some family to come with me-- whoever wants to come. I also want to fix up this house -- some carpeting, paint, that kind of thing. So I have to set myself a budget within a budget within a budget. Bills/fix-up/fun. I have only ever been able to handle the bills, and when something has come up that had to get fixed, we played catch-up.

I have some thoughts about stress and poverty. I may go a bit crazy for a couple months. Bear with me, eh? A final thought: my interviews went very well and gave me a window-look into what kind of nurse I will be. Do you know what? I will be amazing.
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I have passed the NCLEX-PN.

I can now work as an LPN in the state of Michigan. The folks that run the NCLEX test let you pay an additional $8 for unofficial results. I wasn't going to do it, but I have to say it's probably the best $8 I've ever spent. I should get my license number sometime next week.

My knee is slowly getting better. I'll be starting physical therapy next week. I should be in a new job by the end of the month.

I don't know if I can express how much this means to me. Accomplishment, financial security, being able to move forward -- it's rather amazing. When I got my BS, I felt validated. With this, I feel euphoric.

The nursing program has said that I will likely be able to continue on in September, and if not then, I will likely get a spot next May. Either way, I know that it'll come.

If you're a person who's planning on attending 2017 FOGcon or Wiscon, please come look me up. And Wiscon-folk, I'm looking for roomies.


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