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These are some trips I'm planning in the next year. If I'm going to be near you, I'd love to have coffee or such!

Sept 25-27: Marquette, Michigan. I'm moving my sister down to come live with me. She's in Gwinn, Michigan. I'll be traveling from Lansing, Michigan along US-127 to I-75, across the Mackinaw Bridge, along US-2 and up M-77 to M-28. I'm leaving Friday afternoon, 3pm-ish and arriving at 0'dark-thirty; coming back Sunday afternoon.

Oct 17-18; Charlevoix, Michigan. The Third Annual October Birthday Bash! Wooot! (Two new grandbabies are due in September. Currently among my immediate family, we have birthdays -- Jan/4, Feb/1, March/4, April/0, May/1, June/1, July/1, Aug/1, Sep/1, Oct/7, Nov/0, Dec/4.) Route is I-96 to US-131.

Late December: Negaunee, Michigan. Just a holiday visit to the family, same route through lower Michigan to the UP.

March 11-13, 2016; FOGcon 6, Walnut Creek, California. This is a wish more than a for-sure thing. I'll be in the midst of nursing school, and it'll be expensive, maybe $1500? for plane tickets and hotel and meals and all.... but man I want to go.

May 27-30, 2016; Wiscon, Madison Wisconsin. Definitely going. I'll drive, taking I-94 to Chicago, and then I'll probably take the scenic route that [personal profile] kaffyr and I took, back in... 2012? Anyway, it was lovely. If you live near the route, feel free to ask me for a ride!

If everything goes well, and I'm expecting it to go middling-well, in March or April we'll be buying that piece of property that I have my eye on. Most likely we'll take a camping trip up in early to mid summer to scope out where we want to put the first cabin. Come camp with us! I would love that.

In May of 2016 I'll be eligible to take my NCLEX-PN and get my license to practice as an LPN. December of 2016 I'll get my ADN and when I pass my NCLEX-RN, I'll be looking for my first job as an RN. Then things might get interesting.
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I got a 3.66 for the semester; 4.0s in algebra and anatomy and a 3.0 in physiology. The physiology grade has me annoyed because I would have got` a 3.5 in I hadn't totally tanked in the final.

All the nursing application stuff is done except the basic life saving for health professionals (that's a CPR/First aid card - a one day seminar) -- I'll take that in June or July, and it's ok if it's late. But I really don't know if I'll get in this semester, and it's driving me a little crazy. I'll know by the end of June.

The day after finals, I came down with a cold. Not just a cold, but one of those sudden bone weary, congested, hacking cough things that stopped me in my tracks. Bleh. So now it's Friday and I work tomorrow -- and then next week I have three days off. I will spend them gardening as much as I can and thinking of Wiscon as little as possible. Really, though, have a great time, folks, and tell me all about it.

I'm off to sign Luke up for the summer children's theater. He did their spring show, working on prop construction, and he really liked it, so he's doing that again. I need to get some butcher paper or something because we're doing one of those history timelines that shows what was happening on all the continents.
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Ok, this is it. I'm on my way to my algebra final. My paper is done; I just need to print it out. I have to finish a short assignment for the same class (physiology). I've got an anatomy final at noon, a physiology final at 3pm, and the other half of my anatomy final at 6pm.

Tomorrow I'm going to do a little housework and spend most of the day in the garden. My peas are up, and they need their trellis. And the flower garden needs weeding before the weeds become too entrenched. And stuff. I'll take pictures.

Here I go.
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I'm very pleased to announce that I got a 90% on my last algebra test, which means I'm getting an 4.0 in the level of math that I took in my junior year of high school. Yay me! Really, I'm both extremely pleased and eye-rolly at the same time. But the really pleased part is definitely winning. And the 4.0 will be very good for my nursing school entrance points. It looks like I'll get a 4.0 in anatomy too, but only a 3.5 in physiology. Still, exceeded my expectations for the semester and my hopes are high for getting in this autumn.

Last day of classes is Monday, May 11.

Last week I told my client's mom that I was only going to work four days a week this summer, and that July 31 would be my last day. We have a fair relationship; she does crap that irritates me like whoa, and I'm odd to her. But we both try to get along. So she won't exactly miss me, but she knows that my leaving will be hard on her son, who's become very fond of me (and visa versa.) And I know that she'll miss my steadiness and work ethic. I'll try very hard not to dance out the door.

Last week, the city came and "cleaned up" my guerrilla garden so now it's not so guerrilla. They took about $50 worth of fencing, landscaping cloth, and lumber as well as all of my bags of leaves that were going into the vertical garden towers, and they cut down the PVC tower that I had up but not yet put together with the fencing. But today I licensed the garden with the Ingham County Land Bank Garden Project and I'm kinda kicking myself for not doing it sooner because it will be a wonderful resource of not only information (like, there's a guy who's gonna show me how to start up bees) but also they'll give out all kinds of free stuff, like *3 yards* of free compost, very cheap organic seedlings ($3 a flat) -- Also, he said that there were folks he knew who where experimenting with aquaponics, so there's another resource. And! Garden Dude said that when I'm ready and if the neighbors are cool with it, he'll help me with setting up for chickens. It was so fun to talk to someone about my garden, to watch the small smile of appreciation when I described my rain-catch and swale system. And the garden shed is ok to put up. So -- vertical garden towers, bees, chickens, 4 20' long double dug beds, greenhouse and aquaponics pond, and the stackwood garden shed. It's all gonna come together this summer.

Everyone should come on over sometime in late August. We'll barbecue and I'll hand out zucchini.
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I've got a physiology quiz tomorrow and a lab paper due, but I'm covered. I've also got an anatomy assignment due, and I've got to work on that tonight.

But it's Sunday, so all is good. After work last night, I called Luke down and he helped me with getting the roof together for the greenhouse. I'm *one* 2x4 short, so I'll get that today, make some cuts and then put the roof on. We might do some painting today, too -- the boys insist that the greenhouse must be green (duh!). I'm also going to be spending a coupla' hours digging out the garden swales and filling up my garden towers.

Squirrels have been digging up my peas, but don't seem to have actually eaten any of the seed peas. I dunno -- maybe they were digging just to dig, they do that. Anyway, some of the peas are starting to germinate and I've got to water them today. I hate having to water. I've got to find some mulch to put over the peas so that I don't have to water 'em tomorrow. Free mulch. Hmm, shredded leaves, I think.

(as an aside, I just had a short conversation about self-control with Zary and Trentyn. "Why do you need to control yourself?" "Controlling yourself means thinking about something before you do it -- if you do the very first thing that comes into your head, you make mistakes. You have to use your big-boy brain." -- if someone has suggestions on other ways to talk to the boys about self control, feel free to chime in.)

Ok, off to the builders' store to get the 2x4 -- might have to wait 'till tomorrow to get the paint.


Apr. 1st, 2015 02:51 pm
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Into the final slog, week 12 of 18:

intermediate algebra: 86.7%
human physiology: 87.4%
anatomy: 84% (but I have a test this week, so we'll see)

There's a chance I can get a 4.0 in physiology, and a slimmer chance I can 4.0 in algebra. The memorization for the anatomy class is very tough for me.

I really need to cut back at work, but ... bleh. It's complicated. Also, damn, I'm sooo tired.
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Yesterday was a pre' damn good day. We started out with a visit to the boys' birth mom which went well and then we all went home and had a nap. It was delish.

After that, we started working on the greenhouse, pulling the boards that I cut last fall out of the basement and putting them back together. I decided to just let Mike build it the way he wants; it's overbuilt, but that won't kill me. Conceding almost did kill me but I decided to take the "choose your battles" road, since he doesn't get any say on the fish tank.

So, we have the south wall of the greenhouse completely done, and the north wall ready to put together. The east and west walls need to be cut and we need to buy some hardware for the door, which will be a large window on hinges.

Also, all the snow from the back yard has gone, leaving it a morass of mud and dog poo. I raked.

The front yard faces north and is in shadow most of the day, so it still has an inch or two of snow that's melted down to mostly ice -- it should be gone by next week.

We're going to get the stuff we need to wire the upstairs bedroom we gutted last month, and the insulation. And once we get the greenhouse done - next weekend, I'm hoping - I'll start on the fish tank.

Oooh, can't forget to make an appointment with the nursing adviser to go over my application!
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I've had a meeting with the nurse adviser and unless I have some kind of psychotic break and screw up the remainder of this semester, I'll most likely be attending nursing school come September. Or close the wall up with our English dead.

Right now, I'm taking intermediate algebra, anatomy and physiology, for a total of 12 credits. I'm also working around 30 - 35 hrs a week and eating waaay too much fast food in the car.

In the fifth out of sixteen weeks, so about 1/3 of the way along, my semester looks like this:

intermediate algebra: 85%

anatomy: 87%

physiology: 86%

I usually do better in the beginning of the semester and then loose points as I get worn down by the schedule and sleep deprivation. We'll see. I'd love to finish with a 3.5 gpa for this semester, but I'll be still able to get in with a 3.0

I took anatomy and physiology back in 2007 as part of my BS from NMU, but I have to take them again because they just expired or my knowledge of them expired. Whatever. Anyway, once I get in to nursing school, because I already have a BS, I just need another 20 credits to get my RN.

Then we'll be cookin' with gas.
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I've been feeling very ... wait-y, lately. It's a comfortable feeling, which is odd because I'm not the type that waits comfortably. I guess it's a winter feeling. Rest, be calm, things will come.

I start classes at Lansing Community Collage next Monday, the 12th. I'm taking anatomy, physiology and intermediate algebra because I'm applying for nursing school again and the two science classes are only good for seven years and I never did take intermediate algebra.

I spoke to a nursing adviser last fall and she said it looks like I'll get in, as long as I have good (3.5 or better) grades for the science courses. I can get a 2.0 on the algebra without jeopardizing my spot, but I'm sure I'll do better because this level of math comes easy to me.

And in the spring -- we're buying our property. I really can't believe it but yeah. So this spring, I'll be talking a lot about school and more and more about the land. Last night, Mike and I were looking at fruit trees. MMmmmm. I love them, and there are so many! I'll def. be talking about selecting fruit trees.
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But every time I see DW, I think of Doctor Who.

Home: I'm feeling pretty good, even though Mike's going back home today. But he was here for over a week, and it's been wonderful.

Work: No work today!

School: Only two weeks left of this semester. I have no idea about my grades. I'm thinking that I'll be doing so-so. Which, really, is okay for me right now.

I've got myself signed up for 16 credits this summer: the required Health class, Social Neuropsychology, and retaking Pharmacology and Human Growth and Development. I might also take an independent study for my nutrition minor, which would put me at 18 credits. The interesting thing is that they are *all* online courses. I'm curious to see how I'll do with that.

Writing: Grant and I are finishing up our edits, and throwing Count The Stars to the VP-XII crit group sometime toward the end of the group.

Serene's beautiful 42 Magazine was delivered to my house yesterday. It really is lovely. And my story is right at the middle of the magazine, where it falls open. And the artwork is wonderful! I love it.

I should hear something by the end of the month about the two pieces I entered into the NMU short story and essay contests. I should also hear something from Lady Churchill's Rosebud Wristlet and The Pedestal by mid-May or so.

Now that CTS is off and running, it's time to work on something else. I think I'll tackle the re-write of Matilda and then the If's alien-Russian Mafia story.
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I'll be sitting in the Den most of today, sucking down coffee and finishing up the 3000-6000 wrd paper due tomorrow in social psych. I've 2500 words already, the frame of the paper, and I just have to add some studies and work on the transitions from one point to the other. Easy, but time consuming. And I have to write a 300 wrd essay for individual psych. And I want to start looking at part three of the collaboration. Gotta pick up Sam at 4pm, so t-minus 5.5 hours, approx.

I feel distractable. Bleh.
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--I've got three psych classes this semester, and nothing else (well, other than work and kids and car repairs.) Today, I had tests in both social psych and research methods, and I've got to read a paper and write a short essay tonight for my psych of the individual class.

Today in social psych, we watched the original tape that was made of the Milgram study. I wonder at what point I would have stopped. I'd like to think that I wouldn't have done it at all, but I know for a fact that I would've. Everyone did. Every single one.

I've got a paper that's due for the social psych class on the 20th, and I've got to start working on my two other presentations. The presentation on psych of the individual is just mine, but I have to work with three others on the research methods presentation. I'm usually good at working with groups, but one of my group members is hrm, I'm not sure how to put this. Arrogant and rude, I suppose. *grin* I'm arrogant, too, but I'm not rude. I feel like I want to wear a t-shirt that says "Just because I'm cheerful doesn't mean I won't rip your annoying head off and shove it up your ass."

-- My #2 son and his girlfriend are coming up from Gaylord for the weekend. Mike will be home on Saturday, too. Which means I need to do some housework. Bleh. I should hire someone to come help. It's not too much for me to do, but it's more than I want to do. Aw, who am I kidding, I'll never find someone by tomorrow afternoon.

-- Just sent the first round of edits to [livejournal.com profile] towersofgrey for the once over. So far, we have a completed work of about 11K. As I said before, an awkward length. I have to say, it's a strange kind of intimacy, working with another writer. Have you ever got that feeling of crushing on a character? It's silly, right, 'cause he's not real. Well it's kindof like that with my collaborator - a strange kind of writing intimacy that feels not quite real. I write something, and I think, oh, he will have fun with this or I'll get something back and grin furiously because I just knew he was going to do that, or weirder still, that's what I was gonna do. The very best part but also slightly disconcerting is how we make each others' writing better.

-- the steampunk faery ghostbusters story goes out to F&SF tomorrow. Black Holes says I should have a response in a couple of weeks. I buy the first round at Wiscon if they bite!
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9 am -- Social Psychology; The professor is demanding that we all buy the latest edition of the text, so I asked the class if there was someone who wanted to "rent" their books to me, and I have a new study-mate, David. I have a feeling that this is going to develop into a comfortable friendship.

10 am -- Intro to Research Methods; Looks like I'm gonna be a research assistant. How could I pass it up? Too cool. My professor is a small, laid back fellow from Japan, Dr. Takahiro Yamaguchi.

3 pm -- Individual Differences and the Development of Personality; This is going to be a rather intense, fascinating course.


I work from 5p - midnight at the center, tonight. Yesterday, one of the counselors told me that it didn't feel like I was a new hire, "It's more like you've been away, and you came back." The feeling is very mutual. I love this job.

At the other job, my elderly client was presenting symptoms of norovirus when I left on Sunday. I haven't heard anything, so I'd guess that he's doing as well as expected. I go in there tomorrow 3p-10p, so I'll find out then. My whole house was sick with it last week, but two of the other aides had been sick with it, too. And I called and told my supervisor that my family was sick, and she told me to come on in. But there's a good chance that I'm the one who carried the virus to him. Poor fella.


Since Carl moved into his girlfriend's home last summer, my relationship with Sam has been blossoming. He is really pumped for Comicon. We were talking costuming last night, and he decided on reprising Old Greg. I shall be putting up a wish list for accrutments.

He's really serious about making gaming a carreer. There's a geek-heaven college down in Florida that looks like heaven, Full Sail. He still wants to get his private pilot's license, too.

I haven't decided if this is the best way to go. If the world was going to keep chugging along as it is, I'd say, yeah, go for it. But I don't think we have much "chug" left. Still, having someone who can program might not be a bad idea. And he'll have back-up skills.


The first draft of the collaboration is almost done! I think it'll finish up somewhere between novellette and novella in length. I have absolutely no idea if it's any good. We're gonna give it another spit and polish, and then throw it at the writing group and see what they think. Which reminds me, I'm behind on my crits.
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I may very well have to take chemistry again. I don't friggin' believe it. I crashed and burned like a flaming crash-and-burned thing. I actually did worse than the first time I took it, in 2006. It'd almost be funny IF I DIDN'T HAVE TO TAKE CHEMISTRY AGAIN.


I shuffled around campus yesterday, and found out that I will graduate with my BS in psych (minor in nutrition) in August '09. Then I will graduate with my LPN in May of '10.(1) This winter, I'll have three psych classes, and in the summer, I'll have my last psych class, the required Health Promotion class, a directed study on substance abuse and .... Chemistry! Joy.

The short story that I was working on with [livejournal.com profile] towersofgrey has exploded into a novella. We'll have over 6000 words when this next bit is finished, and I don't see the end for another 12k-15K at least. The only problem that I have with this is that I'm not sure what kind of market is out there for that length.

I'm still loving the process. When I got stuck in other stuff I was writing, I always went to Mike and bounced ideas off of him, and that was ok, but *wow* is it different bouncing ideas off of another writer. Like fantastically, brilliantly and other Doctor Who words different.

(1) -- NMU won't let me get my LPN certificate and BS concurrently, because then they couldn't charge me at post-baccalaureate rates for my certificate. I'm rather hopelessly angered by this. Perhaps I could blow up the chemistry lab in retribution.... (well, I know that I could....)
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or just in pain. anyways, migraine today. made it through work without barfing -- good thing it's wednesday. sam took over at 12:15. made it to chemistry lab. damned if I'm not going to get another C in this damned course. I understand it fine, I just can't take the damned tests. Bleh. well, fuck 'em, I'm gonna be a nurse anyway.

can't think of any plots for the next short -- I'd like to write something about climate change. I loved Jeanie Bergmann's Fall of Snow, the changing environment as a setting. plot plot plot...

did I mention anywhere that I have one up at Expanded Horizons? good to see that one get some air.
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I read the WIP to Mike at lunch today and he wept. I wept when I was writing it.

And this is odd, but I am writing very fast (for me); I've got 5533 already and started, what, 2 wks ago?

One problem of the WIP is that there's a large cast of named characters. The beginning setting is a small sailing ship with a crew of 24. I wish I could tell readers to just let the names flow over them.

After lunch, Mike dropped me off at the forge, and I smithed something that looks like a 2-ft long railroad spike with a twist in the middle. I started with a 2-ft bar of 1/2 inch square stock and did three things to it: upset (thickened) one end to 1 inch, tapered the other end to 1/8 inch and then twisted the middle. The upset was the hardest thing to do. And I kinda screwed up the twist because my hands were getting cramps. I shoulda waited, and done the twists later. It really looks alot like this.
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Last fall, Mike and I were talking about school. He'd been planning on going back and getting a degree in computer aided manufacturing. Maybe it's just that I couldn't imagine being happy with a career in computer aided manufacturing. Anyway, I said, "What do you really wish you could do?"


We were on IM, so there was no way for me to really gauge his mood by voice or expression, but there seemed a kind of wistfullness in his one word reply.

"So do it," I typed back. "Go to commercial flight school."

There was a long pause. Then, "That's a good idea."

So, we're in the process of picking a flight school. It's expensive, holy wah. But what the hell is money for, ya know?

And then, about a month ago, we were talking about one of Len's doctors. "I bet you'd get into that kind of thing," he typed.

My heart kinda twinged. "Yeah, well, there's no way I can go to medical school now."

"Think about it -- after I get out of flight school, and get a job. It's doable."

Now it's all I can think about. Medical school. Huh. I'd be at least 51 by the time I finished my residency. But I applied to NMU this week and requested my transcripts from UofM, and next week I'll talk to the premed advisor.


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